What are you sharing?
What is your birth trauma story?
I was induced at 40 weeks for obesity, I had gained over 65 pounds and was getting high blood pressure readings. I went to get induced at 40 weeks 1 day. Labor lasted 33 hours. The next day at 40 weeks 2 days I was eventually ready to push that evening. My husband said my doctor had an attitude when he went to get her. I was in extreme pain regardless of the epidural I could still feel pain. I was told my baby was sunny side up. This is when the loss of communication started. I was told to push regardless. I pushed for for an hour. I was losing awareness as I continued to push as the pain would not stop. I saw my doctor pull out and begin to use a vacuum without my consent. The vacuum did nothing but cause pain to me and my son. I still had to push for about 30 minutes. My doctor then waited until crowning to cut a vicious 3rd degree episiotomy without my consent. I jumped and screamed from the pain. They held a sheet near my vagina to keep my husband from looking. He asked, what was that why is she jumping? (My legs were moving from the pain) The doctor said its nothing. Shortly after my son was born, but I hemorrhaged for 30 minutes due to the cut. I was not allowed to do skin to skin after birth cause of the bleeding. My son was briefly put on my chest already wrapped in a blanket and then was taken to the nursery despite my pleas for skin to skin. The doctor said he’s needs to get out of here. As I was stitched up the episiotomy was not brought up and I was on plenty medicine so I started to feel out of it. I now have a painful scar the length of my finger. I was cut twice without my consent. Honestly once would have been enough. I do not understand why the doctor thought it was okay to inflict obstetric violence during my son’s birth.
What/who do you feel is responsible for your birth trauma?
The doctor
What has been the impact of birth trauma on your life?
Depression, PTSD, Nerve Damage, Scar Tissue, Have to get steroid shots to manage pain and take medication.
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What suburb/town/city did this occur in?
What country did this occur in?