Raising awareness of birth trauma

With one in three births being reported as traumatic, too many mothers and their families have been suffering in silence for far too long. It’s time to lift the lid on birth trauma and shed some light on this dangerous and very silent epidemic. 

To raise awareness of the impact of birth trauma and disrespectful maternity care, we have developed a platform where mothers can share their stories of birth trauma. 

Why this is so important…

We need to raise awareness of the serious short – and long-term impact of birth trauma. 

Some of the consequences include but are not limited to:

Physical disability and/or injury; difficulty in bonding; anxiety; postnatal depression; PTSD; relationship breakdown; single motherhood; financial problems/economic disadvantages.

The psychological impact of birth trauma can last a life time!!!

We need to encourage people to “join the conversation” so that we can get the attention of policy makers and bring it to the forefront of maternity care issues that needs to be addressed.

Maternity care services need to move toward improving care and ending birth trauma. But first we need to make them see just how big the problem is. 

Let’s start by sharing our experiences and inviting others to do the same. 

If you have experienced a traumatic birth, disrespectful maternity care, or witnessed disrespectful maternity care as a maternity care provider, we invite you to get online now and share your story.

You can choose to remain anonymous or display your name next to your story. 

We believe there is power in numbers so get online and share your story today. Let’s raise our collective voice to bring an end to birth trauma now. 

Share your story now

This platform aims to bring together some of the stories of traumatic birth experiences in the hope that maternity care policy makers and providers will listen to those voices that might not be heard.